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Women's Self Defense

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  • Women's Self Defense

    Women are the victims of violent crimes. They are abused, assaulted, stalked, robbed, raped, and murdered. That is an unfortunate reality. The violent crime statistics involving women is deplorable and alarming. Women truly are victims.

    The good news is that the majority of crimes against women can be easily avoided, and women are quite capable of defending themselves.

    Don't Be A Victim - Protect Yourself!

    Women need to be protected. One of the missions of Extreme Combat is to help keep women safe. Because it is impossible for the police to be everywhere at once, and it takes them a long time to respond in a life threatening attack, it is vital that women learn to defend themselves.

    Although the majority of women are usually smaller, and weaker than most men, they are more than capable of defending themselves. Women are also gifted with intelligence, intuition, and the ability to read people and situations. They only need to develop their self defense capabilities in order to stay safe.

    At Extreme Combat we teach a complete self defense program that is easy and fast to learn. Our programs are taught in seminars, workshops, and by our Certified Instructors. Extreme Combat is fast and easy to learn. It is a complete system and covers all the bases; preparing you to defend yourself in any situation.

    All Extreme Combat seminars, workshop, and classes are comfortable and nonthreatening. In fact, most women find them highly informative and enjoyable. There is no reason to feel nervous or intimidated. All lessons are taught at your level.

    For more info go to our websites:

    Women's Self Defense

    Extreme Combat Self Defense Systems includes training in hand to hand combat and firearms.