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    If you are about to face foreclosure, you are not alone. In any given year, one in 450 homes will enter foreclosure. Unfortunately, 2009 wasn't any given year and in some areas the foreclosure rate was far worse, especially in certain areas of the country. For example, according to RealtyTrac's foreclosure report, one in 60 Las Vegas homeowners is facing foreclosure. In Fort Meyers, Florida it wasn't much better, at one in 65 homeowners, while Bakersfield, CA has a foreclosure for every 85 homes, and in Phoenix it is 1 in every 110 homes.

    Foreclosure rates like these are what prompted myles bunyard video the federal government to initiate some financial assistance programs to try and stem the tide. The problem is not just for those being foreclosed upon. It affects all the other homes the in the neighborhood as well. According to the Apgar and Duda report "Collateral Damage: The Municipal Impact of Today's Foreclosure Boom" Homes surrounding a foreclosed property can experience a property value decrease of up to $220,000.