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    Different people have different types of skin with a particular set of needs. When dealing with oily skin, your objective is to control excess oil without drying the skin too much. That is why when you're shopping for skin care products, look for those specially formulated for oily skin. Ingredients to look for include willow bark and zinc oxide. These two help soak up the extra oil on the skin while not stripping it too much of moisture.

    Wash your face daily with an alcohol-free cleanser, but not more than twice. Then follow up with an alcohol-free toner to soak up the excess oil and minimize the pores. When the weather is particularly dry and/or you're using acne medication, don't forget to moisturize. Pick light moisturizers with natural ingredients like jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, or babassu wax that hydrate the skin without making It too oily or greasy, and don't apply too liberally. If you're using makeup, choose oil-free cosmetics for a more matte look.