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  • home automation system?

    Smart home automation enables you to tap into high tech luxury and functionality that was not possible previously. As technology development continues to expand, so will the chances for consumer home automation to make life simpler and more pleasurable.
    The intelligent home promises a futuristic home experience where all you need is a very simple voice command, even if you’re away from home. There are a number of very cool gadgets that allow you to do a whole lot with home automation, a lot of which can be integrated into home automation security systems. These include smart smoke alarms, smart cameras, smart doorbells, smart locks, smart thermostats, smart lights or smart smoke alarms.

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    Smart locks are excellent not just for safety but also for the advantage of letting you forget about keys completely. What makes them smart is the capacity to connect with your smartphone through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, letting you lock and unlock your door from anyplace. Some home automation systems automatically lock and unlock whenever they detect your phone coming so you may come and go without having to be worried about if the door is locked.


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      Smart cameras take the conventional security camera notion and turn up the dial to eleven. These cameras contain Wi-Fi which enables them to be seen and controlled remotely with a smartphone application. Many may even upload the footage into the Cloud for storage, eliminating the need for a possibly complex onsite storage installation.


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        There are a whole lot of alternatives within this area. And it begins with knowing whether you need indoor or outdoor cameras. The main distinction is the building: Outdoor cameras will need to endure the components, which normally means they’re bulkier and made out of tougher materials such as metal. Indoor cameras may be smaller and more discreet since they aren’t as likely to get tampered with.


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          Many home automation security systems techniques include smart thermostats. These devices will be able to allow you to save energy. As with other smart house features, they connect to your house Wi-Fi system and are controlled with an app from your smartphone.
          The fantastic thing about these thermostats is they remember your climate tastes. The outcome is they can work to keep your house in a comfortable temperature to you without you having to lift a finger and reducing energy consumption by 30 percent or more in certain scenarios. It can also send you an alarm when the temperature inside your house gets overly low or high.


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            Our professional home theater installation technicians will work with you to design & build your own media oasis at home. We can even take it a step further and integrate your home theater into a home automation installation. Lunis Systems is an AV company that can make it happen for you.