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  • Welcome to Extreme Combat

    Welcome to Extreme Combat.

    This forum is about self defense. It incorporates the concepts of Extreme Combat Self Defense Systems. Extreme Combat includes hand to hand, nonlethal weapons, edged weapons, and firearms.

    If you want to know more about defending yourself against violent criminals this site is for you.

    Many of the topics and posts will have public access. There is also a private sections of the forum for members only.

    I have found that public forums start running amuck and often fill up with a lot of useless chatter. I want this site to stay informative and on target (no pun intended). There will be section where people can socialize as well as areas that are strictly educational. There will also be rules on this community. Everyone must act civil and be prudent in their posting. No infighting and foul language accepted. We will also not allow anyone to undermine our efforts, and will use legal means to stop them. More guidelines will be posted as the site grows.

    Once again, welcome.
    Paul Barrett