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Nonlethal Weapons

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  • Nonlethal Weapons

    There are instances where employing a lethal weapon may be considered excessive force. You may also face a situation where hand to hand defense is not your best option. Between the continuum of hand to hand techniques, and lethal force, is the employment of nonlethal weapons.

    Nonlethal weapons are those that are not intended to cause death or grave bodily harm. One of the most common examples of a nonlethal weapon would be pepper spray.

    The weapons that I recommend and teach people how to use include the following: pepper spray, stun guns, expandable batons, tactical flashlights, tactical pens, and more.

    Keep in mind that all weapon systems have pros and cons, including nonlethal weapons. Also note, that every weapon and tactic is best suited, and works best, for a specific situation. For example, if you are a women at a nightclub and a drunk man grabbed a private part of your body, would you be justified in poking out his eye with a tactical pen? Obviously not. Would you be justified in shooting him? Obviously not. In fact, in most states, carrying a concealed weapon into a nightclub is not legal.

    How to properly and effectively use a nonlethal weapon is critical to being able to counter and aggressive action. Extreme Combat training will help you become efficient and proficient when using a nonlethal weapon.