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Best all in one black and white laser printer

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  • Best all in one black and white laser printer

    If you’re reading this article, that means you constantly print business reports, school assignments, or spreadsheets and you want to know which black and white laser printer can save you the most on printing costs. Also known as monochrome laser printers, these machines are designed for homes and offices and can handle high volume black and white printing demands, making them perfect for consumers that just want B&W prints.

    In this guide, we review some of the best black and white laser printers on the market. We cover all of the essential features of each model and cartridge costs too so you can make the most economical decision before you buy. We also show you how to save even more on laser printing costs with compatible printer cartridges.

    Prospective printer buyers might also be considering a color inkjet or color laser printer. These are obviously great for color photos or business proposals, but if you are printing in black and white the majority of the time, cartridge replacements can get expensive. Black and white laser printers only use one cartridge to produce a print, compared to four cartridges in most color printers. Switching to a monochrome laser printer will instantly lower your printing costs because you only have one cartridge to replace!