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  • Convert TGA to JPG online

    Hey all i have a program that I thought i would share with you, I have used for a long time with great results and no bad results, it will change ur .tga's to .jpg with one click.
    What you do is simply copy/place the program in your screenshot's folder inside ur wow directory. then it should come up with the following screen:
    Convert Screenshots to JPG-tga-jpg-convert-jpg
    i wouldnt recommend "adjust brightness" as, when i use it, my images gets too bright.

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    Here are the results from, as you can see, i did scan the .exe file and not the .rar
    Convert Screenshots to JPG-virustotal-jpg
    I know that it comes up as a trojan / worm or suspecious on two of the scanners, but i havent had anything on my computer when scanning it with infact those files, but of course they may be right and me wrong, but i dont think so.

    I have uploaded the file as a .rar file meaning you will have to use winrar to open it. enjoy


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      Dont mean to flame on your post or anything but i think using Warcraft ScreenShot Manager is easier, Once you install it and run it it'll automatically detect Targa files and convert them to Jpeg, If its ok with Kurios ill post the link or else you can jus google it


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        Banksey: I tried the program you suggested(link) and i found the one that i posted easier to use and more simple overall, thx for letting me know it tho (and your reply wasnt a flame at all, suggestions are not flaming )

        Scarmaker: no i dont, i cant open tga files in paint also this is way easier if you have alot of screenshots


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          I thought you could in paint... must be confused with bitmaps . By regularly I mean that microsoft picture program that comes up as default, you can just click all SS you want opened and theya re all in one program. So all you have to do is select all, and do save as. Although your method may be more time saving if you have HUGE amounts of Screenshots.


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            wow this is funny, i had been looking for a .tga to .jpg converter, so i searched online for one and found this exact program. i love it so much ^_^ its really easy to use. wish i had known this thread was stickied nice share tho


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              TGA is the short form for Truevision Graphics Adapter, a format that originated from Truevision in 1984. This image file format is also known as Truevision TGA, Targa Graphic file or simply TARGA, meaning Truevision Advanced Raster Graphics Adapter. TGA format stores image data in 8, 15, 16, 24, and 32 bits for each pixel. The files can be both raw and uncompressed or utilize losslessly, RLE compression. The compression form suitable line drawings, icons, and simple images because they are not complicated, like photographic pictures. TGA format is ideal for image files in video games. Click here to find out more