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  • Hapkido Traditional Martial Art

    Extreme Combat Self Defense Systems (and Extreme Combat Hapkido) are based on the traditional martial art of Hapkido and Hwarangdo.

    Traditional martial arts have been battle proven for thousands of years. The hand to hand combat techniques, and edged weapon methods were actually used in warfare. Unlike the

    Hapkido is a complete martial art. It combines punches, kicks, joint locks, judo throws, weapon training, wrestling moves, boxing, and more. In my system, I include combat pistol, shotgun, and carbine.

    There is a trend today by many so called experts and defense systems to discount the traditional arts. They make claims that traditional martial arts do not work in the street. These claims are completely false. They are usually made by individuals and systems designed to separate you from your money.

    Yes it is true that many martial arts are watered down, some of the instructors are not qualified, and they are not taught with a street application. That still does not disqualify traditional martial arts schools. It is possible to take the students of these martial arts schools and easily teach them street applications in a very short period of time.

    As a 5th degree black belt with over 25 years of experience in traditional Hapkido, I can easily evaluate an instructor or school and determine if they have a decent program. Most of the schools I have viewed, are very good at what they do. With a little help, most martial arts schools can become excellent street fighting systems. I have no criticism of most martial art schools because they are where they are doing what they do for a good reason. The techniques they teach will work in the street.

    Some of the "real world" commando style schools will also have critical things to say about MMA (mixed martial arts) training. I have high respect for MMA fighters and schools. Ask a commando instructor to get in the ring with a MMA instructor and they will decline, claiming their techniques are too deadly. What a pile of BS!

    Traditional Hapkido
    Extreme Combat Self Defense Systems includes training in hand to hand combat and firearms.