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  • Firearm Training

    The Following are some of the courses taught in Extreme Combat:

    Intro to Handguns - this course is a prerequisite to our other firearms courses. It is an introduction to handguns, including safety, handling a gun, operation, purchasing a gun, and more. It is great experience for beginners or those who have never fired a handgun. It includes time at the range firing various types of handguns. You can bring a gun or use ours. Remember, no ammo in the classroom and all guns must be unloaded and encased. The only time ammo is allowed is at the shooting range.
    In this course you will be taught safe gun handling, the basic knowledge and skill necessary for utilizing a handgun, how to employ a gun for self defense and personal protection, how to clean and maintain a handgun, and other skills. The course includes firing a handgun using live ammo at the gun range. Each student must pass this course to attend our other firearms courses. After shooting, your skill level will be assessed and you will be given a rating.

    Basic Pistol - this all day class that extends beyond what is taught in the intro course. All aspects from effectively shooting a gun, to buying and cleaning a gun will be covered. This course is much more detailed than the intro course.

    The proper attitude needed for responsible gun ownership, and using a gun for self defense will also be taught. Students will also be shown how developing a "combat mindset" can save your life.

    The course culminates into firing live rounds at a gun range. You will be taught the fundamentals of marksmanship and will shoot multiple groups on target. Your shooting skills will be rated.
    The student will also be introduced to defensive shooting and defensive handgun skills. Other topics covered in the course include: how to defend your home from intruders, firearms and the law, deploying deadly force, personal self defense, concealed carry, intelligently purchasing a handgun, violent criminal encounters, defensive handgun training, and more.
    At the end of the course, the performance of each student will be reviewed and they will be given a written examination. Students who are not up to par will be given extra attention. The objective is to teach you about handguns, not to stress you out or fail you. Those who successfully complete the course will be given a certificate of completion that serves as the prerequisite for our other courses.

    Intermediate and Advanced Handgun courses - The intermediate and advanced handgun courses have been integrated into my Combat Effective Shooting courses. For a description of CES - Combat Effective Shooting, see below.

    Combat Effective Shooting™ CES - Paul Barrett developed and formulated Combat Effective Shooting over a 25 year period. It is an advanced class that teaches how to fight with a gun. CES is focused exclusively on self defensive shooting. These courses will show you how to effectively use a gun for self defense in any situation. You will be shown how to shoot fast and accurate under stress.
    There are three separate phases to Combat Effective Shooting: combat pistol, combat shotgun, and combat carbine/rifle. You must be experienced in the safe handling of these weapons. The prerequisite for this course is the basic handgun course. Combat Effective Shooting

    Concealed Carry - with our concealed carry course, you can meet the state requirements and get the certificate needed to apply for a concealed carry weapon license in as little as 2-3 hours. This course covers the following topics including safety, operating a handgun, legality, and lethal force. Time at the range is included. If you are a new shooter, it is recommended that you take our Intro to Handgun course. Concealed Carry

    Advanced Concealed Carry - this course teaches you how to use your firearm in critical situations. Topics include, choosing a holster, alternative carry methods such as a purse, drawing your weapon, self defense strategies and tactics, and more. Emphasis is on combat accuracy and speed. You must have a Concealed Weapon and Firearms License to attend this course. Our Combat Effective Shooting course is also recommended.

    Basic Shotgun - this course teaches how a shotgun operates, setting up the weapon, and shooting it effectively. With this course you will be able to defend your home. This is a great course and a prerequisite for the Combat Effective Shooting courses. Intermediate and advanced shotgun courses are now integrated into the Combat Effective Shooting courses.

    Basic Rifle and Carbine - this course teaches how a rifle operates, setting up the weapon, and shooting it effectively. The Basic Rifle Course gives you the skills needed for defending your home. Intermediate and advanced rifle/carbine courses are now integrated into the Combat Effective Shooting courses.