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    Knife fighting is obviously very dangerous. What's even more dangerous is being unarmed and attempting to defend yourself against a knife attack by a violent criminal. That's off-the-charts dangerous. Too many so called experts believe they can teach their students to easily disarm a knife wielding criminal. Sorry to inform them, that's just not a reality. Defending against a knife attack using hand to hand combat is no easy task.

    Obviously, it is much easier to use a knife than it is to defend against one. If a criminal has a knife, hopefully you have a gun. As the old saying goes, "Don't bring a knife to a gun fight." But what happens if you don't have a gun? That's where edged weapon training comes into play. Fighting with a knife is an extension of hand to hand combat. If you can fight bare handed, you can learn to fight with a knife. Just keep in mind the inherent dangers involved with any self defense encounter, especially when a criminal is armed and you are not.

    If you're facing a criminal with a knife, unless he is totally incompetent and slow, chances are you will get cut at least once. Hopefully, you can disarm him without losing much blood. Unfortunately, defending against a knife using your bare hands, is not as easy as the so called "real world" experts want you to believe. But then again, defending against a criminal with a gun, when you are not armed, is even more dangerous.

    Essentially, if a criminal attacks with their bare hands, you should use a knife or gun. If they attack using a knife, you should use a gun. If they attack using a gun, then you desperately need to use a gun. That's why I so strongly advocate concealed carry. You are not Jet Lee. Use your brain, always try to be better prepared and better armed than the criminal. (You should also learn first aid and how to apply emergency a knife or gunshot wound.)