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Complete Self Defense System

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  • Complete Self Defense System

    Extreme Combat is a modern combative self defense system based on the traditional martial art of Hapkido, boxing, full contact kick boxing, wrestling, judo, and street fighting.

    Extreme Combat is a complete Self Defense System that incorporates H2H [hand to hand] combat, edged weapons, combat pistol, combat shotgun, and combat carbine.

    Extreme Combat also integrates the combat mind-set, situational awareness techniques, fighting spirit, combat warrior mindset, escape and evasion principles, and Ki energy techniques.

    Extreme Combat is an elite martial art that surpasses the methods taught at cookie cutter schools with multiple international locations.

    The system is named Extreme Combat because it is designed to keep practitioners safe in extreme and violent situations.

    With Extreme Combat you can feel secure in defending yourself and your loved ones in any situation - including inside your home and outside your home.

    The mission of Extreme Combat is to teach self defense to law abiding citizens. To help them defend themselves against criminals and other violent perpetrators in any situation.

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