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Developing a Combat Mindset

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  • Developing a Combat Mindset

    In any dangerous situation, whether facing a disaster or a physical attack, the state of your mind will be a determining factor in your survival. As a martial arts, combative self defense instructor, a great deal of my time is spent teaching students to develop a combat mindset. Often I call it fighting spirit, warrior spirit, and other similar names.

    As I teach a combat mindset, I want to develop within the student the mental tenacity to not quit - to never surrender!Too often in a self defense situation, a person will succumb to the circumstances because they lacked the emotional/mental tenacity to endure. In essence they will sometimes die because they have mentally or emotionally thrown in the towel. They simply give up.If you want to survive a physical attack, when facing indescribable dangers and adversities, you need to be mentally tough. The first thing a person's mind will want to do is to quit or give up. You can have great physical techniques, but if your head is not trained and you lack a combat mindset, chances are you will not survive.

    In my self defense courses, I teach a Samurai Maxim: "Control your Emotions, or they will Control you." Developing a combat mindset encompasses controlling emotions and thoughts and directing them towards overcoming any adversity or opponent that you may face. When you train and start developing your self defense skills, always be cognizant of your mental state of mind. Have you developed a combat mindset?

    Often your combat mindset will be reflected in how you handle little things in your daily life. Are you emotionally stable? Or do you let circumstances upset you? If things do not go your way, do you quit? Are you angered easily? Can you handle stress? How you react to little things on a daily basis will reflect your emotional and mental balance. If you are easily unhinged, there is a great chance you will be come unglued and emotionally unstable in a self defense situation. Emotional strength and balance, along with a strong, determined, and focused mental attitude will help you develop a combat mindset.

    In my self defense courses, I constantly test students to evaluate their physical ability, but also their emotional and mental stability. When I train students, I help them develop a combat mindset using many techniques. It is a process that is integrated into the physical training. In time a student will display high levels of emotional and mentally stability. This helps give them the ability to remain cool, calm, and calculating in a self defense scenario. Having a combat mindset will help ensure you will survive whatever dangerous situation you may face.

    Paul Barrett
    Master Instructor
    Extreme Combat Self Defense Systems, Inc.